When Essar Bulk Terminals Ltd wanted to convert their tug Perseverance to a Water Injection Dredger, they came to us because of our past experience in WID.


Essar Bulk Terminals Ltd needed a WID for their Hazira Port. In the absence of a WID they were using a RSHD to remove the siltation – a very costly operation to dredge essentially water  with a small percentage of fine silt. But the cost of a full feature WID was prohibitive for them – no budget sanction.

So they took a very wise decision to convert one of their tugs to WID. A preliminary visit by us confirmed that it is a workable solution and following main points were established.

  • The two FIFi engines were adequate for injection
  • The gear boxes for the two diesel driven pumps required changing
  • The diesel engines for the two pumps will be required to shift aft
  • Two new injection pumps will be required to be acquired
  • There were two options for routing the injection delivery – from the side shell or from the deck
  • New injection ladders and bar (U-type configuration) will be required to be acquired
  • The existing sea chests will be required to be modified

The project then started. The main problem to solve the routing of the suction/discharge injection piping (700mm dia). To ensure minimum disturbance to other existing machinery and panels, it was decided to carry out 3-D laser profiling of the area affected. Based on that and several re-iterations, the routing was finalised with discharge via ship side with two new 700mm dia, remote controlled valves.

The entire conversion – structural and piping was designed and approved by Class. The entire injection ladders, bar and valves and pumps were acquired from China.

On this basis the conversion was successfully completed and EBTL had a WID at a very affordable cost.